We've designed a step-by-step formula for building
a successful creative business and all you need is
(Going places looks good on you.)
You are brave + your dreams are vast.
You are bold + you see your potential lingering at the horizon.
You chose the entrepreneur adventure because you want to be free.
You want to be 100% clear, confident, and unstoppably excited about your business and life. You want to look your goals in the eye, make more money, and open your arms to the bold life you know you were born to live.

But something is holding you back. Maybe...
+ You have a lot of Big, Juicy Ideas but you aren’t sure what will work or what you should do first.

+ You’re frustrated that nobody knows who you are and you aren’t sure how to get your name out there.

+ You feel scared to take the next step and are tired of fear holding you back.

+ You need more clients but you aren’t getting enough inquiries, especially from people willing to pay what you’re worth.

You feel like the world has yet to see everything you are and everything you have to offer.

Another truth? You CAN make it happen.
….you just need a little guidance.
This is your way out of the woods; your map home.
This is your fork in the road; the moment you’ll look 
back on as the move that changed everything.
This is...
The Jetsetter Academy is A 60-day 
online coaching program for creative Entrepreneurs. 
It is the roadmap you need to follow to take your business to the next level and make more money. Jesse + Becky will teach you their proven system to feeling less overwhelmed and more empowered, inspired, successful + free. The Jetsetter Academy is for those tired of fluff, allergic to BS, and ready to work hard (and witness that sweat pay off).
...everything you need to know to get more clients + create more revenue. 
Each step builds on the previous one, getting you closer and closer to achieving your goals and living out your dreams. 
You’ll have clarity, like never before.
Your confidence will sky-rocket. You’ll start maximizing your time, efforts + investments. You will know how to attract your ideal clients.
You will make more money. 
You will finally feel free + like you are living out 
the business you first dreamed about.
Learn how to let fear, comparison, self-doubt + self-sabotage melt away. You’ll be too focused on your goals and new habits + routines to let these villains hold you down.
Discover who your ideal client is and how to speak directly to these dream clients via your website + social media platforms. You’ll be too busy being YOU + attracting your tribe to feel the need to work with anyone + everyone.
Get serious about managing your time and imple-menting structure + workflows so your clients become raving fans and so you can get out of your inbox and out into the world. You’ll be too busy executing CEO-sized ideas to be answering FAQs all day. 
Find out how to become a leader in your industry, create strategic partnerships, book anchor clients + network like a boss, so that people flock to you. You’ll be so busy making friends (and CASH), that you’ll no longer feel jealous of other people’s success.
Strategize how to use Instagram + other social media platforms (organically + with advertising), your newsletter + lead magnets to strategically get more inquiries. You’ll be too busy executing your specific + proven game plan to feel unsure of your next marketing move.
Instagram + Facebook Ads Map
$997 Value
How to Attract Your Tribe + Grow Your Creative Business Using Instagram
$297 Value
7 Steps to Getting More Done in Less Time
$297 Value
UNLIMITED email coaching for the duration of the Jetsetter Academy + 30 days (90 days total)!!! That means you can reach out to us about anything business related, and we'll give you personalized coaching! 
$1197 Value
Photographers, designers, florists + other creative entrepreneurs who are ready to FINALLY stop worrying about getting more clients, managing their time, getting their name out there, feeling lost + overwhelmed and INSTEAD start running their businesses more efficiently, implement proven marketing strategies and, ultimately, make more money so they can have more choices, more freedom + more adventures.
Complainers; those who make excuses, whine, live below their potential, never take action or act like they are not in control of their success, lifestyle + income. It’s not for people who refuse to take responsibility for themselves and their businesses, or anyone unwilling to step outside of their comfort zones. 

(It’s also likely not a fit for anyone just starting out in their business without a portfolio or experience in their field yet.)
(Going places looks good on you.)
—a husband and wife team who have coached more than 200 creative entrepreneurs through 1:1 coaching, mastermind events, and strategy calls. We’re all about living out wild ideas, rather than storing them in dusty little boxes under our beds. We learn from the best and surround ourselves with a fearless, fierce posse so that we are constantly evolving, investing in our growth (personally and professionally), and practicing what we preach. We believe that lukewarm is lame; bold is better and while we know that being a creative entrepreneur can be scary, we think it’s totally worth it. 
See what some gutsy go-getters and Jetsetters have to say about us…
"Within a matter of just 3 months of working with Becky + Jesse, I had booked 7 new clients at my increased prices thanks to the specific strategies they taught me to attract my ideal clients. I’m not working any additional hours in my business than I was before, but I’m doing the key activities that matter. The results are a clear indicator that working with Becky + Jesse is the best investment I’ve made in my business so far.”
"Before I hired Becky + Jesse I had about a million ideas running through my head for my business but I had no idea where to start. In 2.5 hours they helped me accomplish more than I had in the last 2.5 years. My heart is in such a happy place. I wish I found them 2 years ago! If you are on the fence about whether hiring a coach, or hiring them specifically is right for you, I can assure you it will be the best investment you make for your business.”
"I have tried everything from advertising to networking groups to paying large sums for SEO, wasting thousands of dollars trying to generate clients and viable income. At some point your business will hit a plateau. For me, that's where Idealust stepped in. I believe 100% in what they do. They transformed my business into a living being that speaks directly to my ideal client.”
"I've noticed a massive improvement in my confidence; my general workflow has improved; I'm actually spending less hours per week working because I'm working smarter; and I'm just in love with my business again! I wish I could make a virtual copy of Becky + Jesse, shrink them down, and make them live on my desk where I could instantly consult them for every single aspect of all things business.
The Jetsetter Academy is a 60-day online program. Each week, the owners of Idealust, Jesse + Becky, will host a 1.5-hour coaching session LIVE, via webinars! They will walk you through the same strategies they teach their 1-on-1 clients. Each week, you will learn a new skill and new strategies. By the end of the program, Jetsetters will be equipped + empowered. 

There are two parts to each LIVE coaching webinar: 

1. Teaching a specific skill
2. Hot seats + Q&A (Jesse + Becky will chat LIVE with you! This is where you get to share specific struggles. Ask questions. Show examples of what you’re working on and they’ll give you feedback + point you in the right direction LIVE on these calls!)
Payment plan available for $749 a month for 3 months
Are you ready to take serious action on your dreams?
To dig boldly into your purpose and encourage others to do the same? To embrace both your strategic and soulful sides? To stop daydreaming and start daydoing? Then this is your community, dear Jetsetter.
(Going places looks good on you.)
Got Questions?
When is the last day to sign up?
The cart closes at 11:59pm PST on Tuesday, September 13th. However, if we fill all the spots before then, the cart will close at that time. It’s best to trust your gut and make a decision. Don’t beat yourself up over this. A YES! is incredible, but we also know the Jetsetter Academy isn’t for everyone. If our spots fill up and you did not get one, you can hop on the waitlist for the next time we open the Jetsetter Academy.
I’m a total newbie to this creative entrepreneur life. Is the Jetsetter Academy for me?
Heck, yes! Bypass years of struggle + frustration and get to the good stuff! Learn from our years of experience AND from years of investing in ourselves, learning from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in business. We wish we would have hired our coach sooner than we did. 
Are there other outside investments I should I expect?
If you want! There is no need to spend thousands on apps, softwares + tools to have a successful business. However, we will be making recommendations along the way that we use to simplify our life, workflows + make more money. It is up to you whether or not you invest in those things. For example, you might spend $10/month on MailChimp. 
How soon can I expect to start making more money?
As quickly as you’d like! The faster you take action on what we teach you, the faster the cash comes in. We’ve had clients receive + book inquiries from Instagram within the first month of coaching. We’ve had clients book almost $10,000 worth of work in just a few months. We are here to give you every tool you need to reach your goals throughout this program, but even more so, in the months and years after you finish!
Do you offer any guarantees or refunds?
Everyone’s entrepreneur adventure is different and all of our clients work at a different pace and that is why we do not offer any guarantees. The Jetsetter Academy is for go-getters who take 100% responsibility for their business and are 100% committed to creating the business they dreamed up. Let’s start this off on the right foot. You’re going places! No need to look behind you.
How often do we have calls?
There are weekly LIVE calls during the 60-day program. The calls will be held on Tuesdays, from 12-1:30pm PST. You’ll have access to all the recordings, so you can re-listen to make sure you’re soaking up all the info OR if you have to miss a call, it’ll be there waiting for you.
DO I GET 1-ON-1 time with Becky + Jesse?
Heck, yes! You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback on your ideas + work LIVE during the hot seats of each weekly call.
After I enroll and become a Jetsetter, who do I contact if I have questions?
We won’t leave you hanging! We have an incredible support team waiting for you, if you should have any technical or logistical questions. 

AND you'll have access to UNLIMITED email coaching with Jesse & Becky and the Idealust team!
When do we start?
Our first LIVE call will be on Tuesday, September 20th!
How do I get my spot in the Jetsetter Academy?
Just click the sign up now button below then let’s high-five to your future, fulfillment + freedom!
Have more questions?
If you have any additional questions or are still on the fence, don't worry! We've got your back! Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll be right there to help!
(Going places looks good on you.)
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